About us

.BTG was started by the two of us when we found out there truly are sustainable ways of making clothes that support the environment and care about the people that make our garments. Each of us witnessed the environmental impacts of the fashion industry in different ways and we wanted to find a way to provide the most sustainable clothes to as many people as possible. We are all inspired to work hard every day to change the industry we love the most to care more for the planet that supports us all.

Hannah Gui

Born and raised in Barcelona, I have a strong family unit and a passion for sailing. From those days, I learned how to listen, be present and compassionate to understand teamwork and seek opportunity in every “curveball”. There are circumstances we cannot control that require us to be flexible and reconsider priorities and plans.

During my studies in Fashion Design, Marketing and Communications from the Instituto Europeo de Diseño in Barcelona I developed a strong interest in sustainability and presented my Major Project Dissertation on the development of Fashion Sustainability. Since then, I have been understanding and training myself to have better knowledge of the industry completing courses such as “The Circular Economy Masterclass” at University of Exeter.

Mariona Bonareu

Born and raised in Barcelona, I’ve always had an emotional connection to the fashion industry, and it has been present throughout my daily life.
Over time I have discovered the current problems of the fashion production system and how damaging it can be to the environment. These facts have encouraged me to slow down and work on projects that will change the industry for the better.
To strengthen my knowledge of different sectors of the fashion industry I studied Fashion Marketing & Communication at IED and participated in a circular Circular Economy Masterclass course at University of Exeter.

My two passions, tennis and piano have given me the courage to never give up and that we all have a story to tell to the world.

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