It’s not just about recycling garments but a “place” to connect with likeminded people who are looking to address the biggest sustainability issues of our time. Because when we communicate and share similar values, we curate a sense of place and sense of self, but most importantly, a sense of community. We know we can only make a difference in our communities when we all work together on the things we care about. To create a successful movement, we have to be open and honest.
We need to include trust and respect in every aspect of the business to build a community with a strong foundation.


Over the past few years, we’ve dedicated ourselves to learn how clothes are made inside and out, how they impact the environment, and inspiring solutions to transform the industry from its damaging habits. It takes work and it takes time, but it’s the only way to make a difference. Through our time working in the fashion industry, we have personally developed a responsibility to create and implement a zero-waste philosophy in everything we produce. Now we want to share this with you. As a society, we are in an important historical moment and it’s up to us to create a better future together. If we can raise awareness, extend the life cycle of fabrics, avoid future apparel waste, and reduce the environmental impact of our clothes, we can all be one step closer to wearing our values.
Now that we have collected information and knowledge, we want to share this with you. If all of us have the best information in the world we can enable each other to buy things that support our true mission.


It doesn’t matter if you care about the ocean or the mountains, trees or flowers, fresh air or springtime shade. Everyone has a connection to the Earth and everyone has the chance to decide if they support it—what do you decide?


The spirit of our movement is to create clothes that help you show your values and spark a mini-revolution with each wear. We’re in the game to promote and inspire other companies to join us, but we can only do that by paving the way and showing by doing. Our philosophy and commitment is to be 100% transparent. The word transparency doesn’t sit on its own, but shows that we’ve invested hundreds of hours to give you information about our production, social responsibility, and environmental impact. Every page on this site illuminates the truth behind the business we run. If you have a question, ask. If you find a solution, let us know. We are doing our best but can only improve with diversity of thought and solving problems together.


.BTG only uses textiles that are created from start to finish by Hallotex—a company that is vertically integrated owns and operates almost every step of their supply chain. This is where we have an advantage in honesty. We have been to each factory and worked personally with the employees. We have data on the amount of water, fuel, and electricity used, constantly updating our understanding of the production line to push for more sustainable clothes. Spinning, Weaving, Dyeing and Finishing, Printing, Cutting and Sewing.

We offer solutions starting from the spinning process to the finished garment.


We know and love our manufacturer partner, Hallotex. Since 1991 Hallotex has had a close relationship with Tangier and producing garments there that support workers and the local economy. Tangier is the northern tip of Morocco, a powerful port city on the Mediterranean. Its location positions the city as the door between Africa and Europe.
Due to its location, Tangier is a mix of multiple worlds. It is an ever-changing, vibrant city, growing at an impressive economic rhythm. As they develop for the future, they have not lost their interesting and rich history of landscapes, colors, and culture, which have attracted artists and tourists through time.
The constant investment from industries of every kind from all over the world has helped the development of the city’s infrastructure and supported emerging excellent professionals of different fields. Over time this development has led to the presence of universities and employment in Tangier making it a city of opportunities for young people from different Moroccan regions. Hallotex first went to the city seeking their knowledge, textile know-how, and expertise, and they never left. Ten years later, they have developed a strong manufacturing center, employing over 1,600 individuals in five factories.



Our factories are the reason we can do what we love.
Situated in Spain and Morocco, each is unique and inspiring to us; we hope you feel the same.

Waste Collection,
Sorting & Disassembling

Name  Fundació Maresme
Location  Catalonia, Spain
EST  1994
Contact  Carme Martí –

Waste Shredding

Name  Triturats la Canya S.A.
Location  Catalonia, Spain
EST  1929
Contact  Ariadna Cerelols –

Yarn Spinning

Name  Gerona Textil
Location  Catalonia, Spain
EST  1994
Contact  Àngel Parés -

Knitting & Cutting

Name  Maroc Quality Knitting
Location  Tangier, Morocco
EST  2011
Contact  Xevi Mans –


Location  Tangier, Morocco
EST  2010
Contact  Ricard Prieto -


Location  Tangier, Morocco
EST  2008
Contact  Jordi Caballero -


Location  Tangier, Morocco
EST  2013
Contact  Lamia Ben Allal –


Hallotex is certified by world-wide recognized standards that ensure the organic / recycled content of our textiles.


We try to use the most innovative and sustainable fibers in the market. Each garment describes exactly which fibers we use, so you always know what you are wearing and supporting.


Hallotex is a participant and we are active advocates of initiatives that are working to improve transparency and traceability throughout fashion’s supply chain and push the industry to become circular.


We are still working on the best way to measure and message our impact on the environment. Please stay connected and informed because soon we will share all of the information we have about our direct impacts and the explanation of the true impact of our garments.

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